Why am I a United Methodist?

     There are several reasons why I’m a United Methodist. I was raised a Methodist and because of this I’m a United Methodist. As a youth, I enjoyed Sunday school, vacation bible school, church picnics, along with the Easter and Christmas programs. I love the feeling of being in a connectional church, one that loves the Lord, sees all the people, celebrates diversity, steps outside of the walls of the church to make Disciples for Christ, a missional church that helps those in need locally, statewide, countrywide, and worldwide. This journey into United Methodisim has been rewarding because of the learning opportunities given to me from taking the laity and other courses offered through Christian education. When you dive deeper into this, you’ll know that United Methodist want us to love the Lord and share our beliefs about Jesus Christ. The most amazing thing about this is that we don’t force our beliefs on others. United Methodists understand grace as a gift from God and believe in the prevenient, justifying and sanctifying grace. My faith journey has been enhanced by the overwhelming desire to serve others. My life has changed because of the desire to be a servant leader. Therefore, I’m happy being a United Methodist because the Bible is the basis for which our faith is built. We are a missional church with our arms wide open. (Come join us!!)

Why will I stay United Methodist?

      I’m staying a United Methodist because all are welcome in God’s house. Love is at the center of everything that the church does. The UMC is not afraid to discuss social issues. The Race and Faith Conversation groups that came together in December 2020 and the Race and Faith 101 and 102 workshops that took place in 2021 to explore the theology and call for racial justice as people of faith are perfect examples of this. I like that all are welcome to take Communion at God’s table. The UMC teaches us to be compassionate, merciful, loving, faithful, serving others, and the list continues to grow for me. We teach our children to serve and be young Disciples of Christ. I agree with Wesleyan practices. We believe that salvation is a gift from God.  I’m staying a United Methodist.