I was born into the United Methodist Church, baptized as a baby, raised by United Methodist parents, attended church twice every Sunday and Wednesday nights as long as that was the custom, taught by Sunday school teachers who loved the scriptures, learned to pay attention in worship, mentored by MYF, and watched over by the congregants of the village. I know no other religious life but United Methodism and I deeply love it. I have studied John Wesley’s life and theology with resonance and identity with his conversion and call experiences, as well as his think and let think dictum.

Consequently I accepted the call to ministry, never looking back, attended UMC related seminaries and survived theological education. After 43 years of active parish ministry I cherish everything about the UMC, and am deeply thankful for the life of service, spirituality, and personal fulfillment it has afforded. May its fellowship long continue to bless all who continue faithful to its precepts learned in Jesus Christ.