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Global Ministries Earthkeepers

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Global Ministries seeks U.S.-based United Methodists to lead grassroots environmental projects that are action-oriented, antiracist, bold and entrepreneurial.

Global Ministries EarthKeepers is a training program that equips U.S.-based United Methodists to launch and grow environmental projects in their communities. Topics include eco-theology, antiracism, community organizing and project planning. All participants plan a project during the training.

The next EarthKeepers training will be held completely online in March 2024, designed to support Global Ministries’ commitment to just and equitable net-zero emissions. United Methodist laity and clergy are encouraged to participate. Youth ages 13-18 may participate with an adult parent or guardian.

The spring 2024 application and connection form are now available. Click below to access.

Applications are Due by February 1, 2024.

This training includes 8.5 hours of live online training and up to 24 hours of independent/asynchronous learning.

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