Name: Gale Broach Sharp

Current Church Membership: Murray First United Methodist Church

District: Purchase

Why do you feel called to be a delegate to the 2020 General/Jurisdictional Conferences?

I was raised as a United Methodist and have always been proud of my denomination.  Years ago, my youngest son told his entire fourth grade classroom–“we’re Methodists because we believe in everything and everybody”.  I am committed to doing everything I can to continue my son’s belief–in everything and everybody.  I want to be a part of the commitment to inclusiveness and respect for all those treasured by God.  

Nominee’s vision for the United Methodist Church.

I envision a church family who values those called by God to serve in any capacity.  I hope to see a foundation for future members that allows for freedom of expression and a respect and appreciation for love.  I long for a world congregation that embraces differences and stands firm in the belief that ALL are welcome in our places of worship and communities of faith.  Only then can we truly share God’s grace and love with everyone, without judgment or discrimination.  

Nominee’s leadership and commitments with the local church, district, annual, jurisdictional, and General conference levels from 2016-2019.

Local member of Vision Team, Church Council (past president), Family Ministry Co-Coordinator,  Media Ministry, and Lay Delegate for Annual Conference, volunteer for VBS and food assistance.  Past Lay Leader and member of Praise Team for contemporary worship.  Current District member of the Building and Location Committee.