I am old enough to remember the merger of our churches (Denominations) that created the United Methodist Church and why it was and needs to be called UNITED Methodist. I also remember the bus loads of our people who came South for demonstrations and the eventual dissolution of the Central Conference which was in reality segregation. We became stronger then and we will continue to grow stronger again. I was brought up in the very conservative side of the Lutheran church. I was in the first class to be ordained in the United Methodist Church in the legacy Southern New England UMC in 1968. Why the change? Because of John Wesley and his acceptance of any one into his “Methodist” movement. We are not to judge others nor try to be “God” in our dealings with others according to Jesus. Our church has long accepted people the world has cast out, and it is stronger for it. At 84 I have come to accept that only God can judge not me. That, it seems to me, is what the United Methodist Church is doing.