Name: Mark Hagewood

Current Church Membership: Bellevue UMC

District: Red River

Why do you feel called to be a delegate to the 2020 General/Jurisdictional Conferences?

My life is grounded in a reciprocal relationship with The United Methodist Church. I have been formed through growing up in local UMCs and receiving my bachelor’s degree from Martin Methodist College. My entire professional career has been spent serving local UM churches and agencies as a lay person. I strongly believe in the connectional system and would be honored to represent the TWK Conference at the jurisdictional and general levels. Now, perhaps more than ever, we need the voices of those who love The United Methodist Church and are actively listening to God’s call for our next steps together.

Nominee’s vision for the United Methodist Church.

The UMC is a global church with local expressions. While remaining faithful to what holds us together, I believe local churches, the primary disciple-making body of our denomination, are called to live out their mission of loving God and neighbor in their local context. The UMC has the potential to do great things at the regional and global levels while remaining focused on empowering local churches to make disciples for the transformation of the world right in our own communities. My vision for the UMC is to embody the good news of Christ’s love for all people everywhere.

Nominee’s leadership and commitments with the local church, district, annual, jurisdictional, and General conference levels from 2016-2019.

General Conference Legislative Team Consultant (GBHEM), Hymnal Project Coordinator (UMPH), Teaching Adult Sunday School, Leading and Providing Music for Worship at various churches, Bellevue UMC Leadership Board (Chair, 2021), At-large Voting Member to the TWK Conf. (2021, 2022), Author of Resolution on Gun Reform (TWK AC 2022)